city paradise

Directed by Gaëlle Denis
Produced by Passion-Pictures
2D Animation by Louis Clichy
Digital Ink and Paint by Tim King
3D Animation and CG Co-ordination by Emma Phillips
Modelling, Animation by Nicklas Andersson
Music by Jocelyn Minniel and Joanna Newsom

Clip from

Road Runner - Guided Muscle 1955

Father and Daughter

Alexei Karayev

Adapted from Dr. Seuss's story "Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose", this masterfull 1986 Soviet paint-on-glass-animated film won the Grand Prix in Ottawa and Los Angeles. The English translation was done by myself.

The film was directed by Alexei Karayev, and the art director was Aleksandr Petrov - this is one of the rarely-seen earlier films that he participated in (Petrov is better known for winning the Oscar in 2000 for Best Animated Short).

coca cola

The Old Man And The Sea part 2

The Old Man And The Sea part 1

Glen Keane at Cal Arts - Tarzan

Apple The Pencil Test

totoro, extracto



Flip the Frog - Movie Mad

The Ub Iwerks studio was shortlived but produced several remarkable cartoons from 1930 to 1936: the black and white "Flip the Frog" and "Willie Whooper" and the full colour "ComiColor" series. The short "Don Quixote" was released in 1934 and became the earliest cartoon and colour film about Miguel de Cervantes' famous wannabe knight

Mary's Little Lamb - Iwerks

Ub Iwerk's Flip the Frog in

Skeleton dance

Ub Iwerks

The Soup Song

Ub Iwerks

Ko-Ko the Clown in

Max Fleischer before sound

cab calloway - snow-white bety boop

Max Fleischer introduciondose en el sonido

The Sandman - Stop Motion Animation by Paul Berry

Astroboy (original) Tv Cartoon Intro

osamu tezuka


osamu tezuka

Osamu Tezuka - Broken Down Film (1985)

Tezuka Osamu - Shizuku (1965)


Astroboy de osamu tezuka

Felix The Cat: Futuritzy

Felix goes to a gypse to know about his future. But she can't help him, because his hand has no lines to her read it. Felix gets surprise, ... todos » and mad after. Then he decides to go to an astrologist. Felix the Cat vintage cartoon. Directed by Otto Messmer in 1928

Felix the Cat as Romeeow

"Felix in a parody of the classic William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet"." Vintage Felix the cat cartoon. Directed by Otto Messmer, in 1927.

Felix the Cat: Doubles for Darwin

"Hungry Felix responds to an advertisement in the newspaper promising a reward for proof that "Man Comes from Monkey". His search for proof ... todos » takes him to South Africa via a Trans-Atlantic cable." Felix the cat cartoon directed by Otto Messmer, 1924

Felix The Cat: The Stone Age

Felix The Cat: Felix Dopes It Out

Felix The Cat: Felix Monkeys with Magic

By Otto Messmer

HARRYHAUSEN: Jason and the Argonauts - Jason vs. Skeletons

SteamBoat Willie

primera aparicion de nickey.

Inside the Happiness Factory: Coke

Inside the Happiness Factory: Coke
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walking (2 times)


flat life

Flat Life by Jonas Geirnaert,
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Sejong Park - Birthday Boy

Sejong Park - Birthday Boy
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the cags

Clikclak by Supinfocom
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tributo a Jim Henson

Overtime by Supinfocom: Jim Henson Trib.
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