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Trailer de la película de animación Persépolis

city paradise

Directed by Gaëlle Denis
Produced by Passion-Pictures
2D Animation by Louis Clichy
Digital Ink and Paint by Tim King
3D Animation and CG Co-ordination by Emma Phillips
Modelling, Animation by Nicklas Andersson
Music by Jocelyn Minniel and Joanna Newsom

Clip from

Road Runner - Guided Muscle 1955

Father and Daughter

Alexei Karayev

Adapted from Dr. Seuss's story "Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose", this masterfull 1986 Soviet paint-on-glass-animated film won the Grand Prix in Ottawa and Los Angeles. The English translation was done by myself.

The film was directed by Alexei Karayev, and the art director was Aleksandr Petrov - this is one of the rarely-seen earlier films that he participated in (Petrov is better known for winning the Oscar in 2000 for Best Animated Short).

coca cola

The Old Man And The Sea part 2

The Old Man And The Sea part 1

Glen Keane at Cal Arts - Tarzan

Apple The Pencil Test

totoro, extracto



Flip the Frog - Movie Mad

The Ub Iwerks studio was shortlived but produced several remarkable cartoons from 1930 to 1936: the black and white "Flip the Frog" and "Willie Whooper" and the full colour "ComiColor" series. The short "Don Quixote" was released in 1934 and became the earliest cartoon and colour film about Miguel de Cervantes' famous wannabe knight

Mary's Little Lamb - Iwerks

Ub Iwerk's Flip the Frog in

Skeleton dance

Ub Iwerks

The Soup Song

Ub Iwerks

Ko-Ko the Clown in

Max Fleischer before sound

cab calloway - snow-white bety boop

Max Fleischer introduciondose en el sonido

The Sandman - Stop Motion Animation by Paul Berry

Astroboy (original) Tv Cartoon Intro

osamu tezuka


osamu tezuka

Osamu Tezuka - Broken Down Film (1985)

Tezuka Osamu - Shizuku (1965)


Astroboy de osamu tezuka

Felix The Cat: Futuritzy

Felix goes to a gypse to know about his future. But she can't help him, because his hand has no lines to her read it. Felix gets surprise, ... todos » and mad after. Then he decides to go to an astrologist. Felix the Cat vintage cartoon. Directed by Otto Messmer in 1928

Felix the Cat as Romeeow

"Felix in a parody of the classic William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet"." Vintage Felix the cat cartoon. Directed by Otto Messmer, in 1927.

Felix the Cat: Doubles for Darwin

"Hungry Felix responds to an advertisement in the newspaper promising a reward for proof that "Man Comes from Monkey". His search for proof ... todos » takes him to South Africa via a Trans-Atlantic cable." Felix the cat cartoon directed by Otto Messmer, 1924

Felix The Cat: The Stone Age

Felix The Cat: Felix Dopes It Out

Felix The Cat: Felix Monkeys with Magic

By Otto Messmer

HARRYHAUSEN: Jason and the Argonauts - Jason vs. Skeletons

SteamBoat Willie

primera aparicion de nickey.

Inside the Happiness Factory: Coke

Inside the Happiness Factory: Coke
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walking (2 times)


flat life

Flat Life by Jonas Geirnaert,
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Sejong Park - Birthday Boy

Sejong Park - Birthday Boy
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the cags

Clikclak by Supinfocom
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tributo a Jim Henson

Overtime by Supinfocom: Jim Henson Trib.
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Chemical Brothers - The Making Of Star Guitar

Chemical Brothers: Star Guitar

White Stripes - Hardest Button to Button (making)

The White Stripes - The Hardest Button To Button

White Stripes - Fell in Love With a Girl (making)

The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl

HARRYHAUSEN: 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) - Cyclops Scenes

HARRYHAUSEN: Jason and the Argonauts - Talos awakes!

HARRYHAUSEN: Jason and the Argonauts - Hydra vs. Jason

Jason and the Argonauts : skeletons fight

Ray Harryhausen Creature List

Emperor's New Groove - Dining Room Scene Rough Animation

Glen keane

Beauty and the Beast Misc. Animation

Bill Plympton - Nosehair

Bill Plympton - Faded Roads

Drawing Lesson #2 (Bill Plympton, 1985)

Bill Plympton - Your Face

Push comes to shove

Bill Plympton Creanimax

Plymptoons- Bill Plympton

The exciting life of a tree-Bill Plympton

Eat - Bill Plympton

Bill Plympton - 25 Ways To Quit Smoking

Microsoft Windows 95 by Bill Plympton

Surprise Cinema 1999 - Bill Plympton

Minilogue/hitchhikers choice - short version (Longer on DVD)

one rat

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The Fratellis: Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes

The Fratellis: Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes
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Prometeus - La Revolucion de los Medios
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anuncio nike

Shoelace soccer Nike
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brothers Quay

el gabinete de jan svankmayer

La Linea II

Mozart - Linea...

Sexy Linea

La linea. Osvaldo Cavandoli

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

chuck jones

Mexican Boarders

Road Runner - Guided Muscle 1955

Road Runner - Fastest with the Mostest

Road Runner - A Go Go

garbancito de la mancha (1945 de Arturo Moreno)

Garbancito de la Mancha" es el primer largometraje de dibujos animados hecho fuera de los Estados Unidos desde que Walt Disney publicó "Blancanieves y los siete enanitos". Casi olvidada hoy día, en su momento fue un enorme éxito de crítica y público, y hoy día sigue teniendo un encanto especial



'The Centaurs' - Winsor McCay (1921)

Winsor McCay - How a Mosquito Operates [1912]

Winsor McCay - 1911 - Little Nemo

little nemo

This is an animated cartoon that Winsor Mccay drew 96 years ago.
Mccay's having started the animated cartoon production had completed the first work 'Little Nimo' in October 1910.
This volume of the first work is only two minutes or more, and the character of his popular work 'Little Nimo' is used.
It is 3000 pieces or less, and the calculation is not suitable for taking full by one scene though Mccay is assumed that original pictures of 4000 a month were drawn in the record for two minutes or more either.
Actual works might have been about one minute longer than these.
Year of opening to the public is 1911

Gertie the Dinosaur (Winsor McCay, 1914)

Humorous Phases of Funny Faces

1906: Six years after creating "The Enchanted Drawing," J. Stuart Blackton made "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces," a film in which you see an artist's hand draw faces and figures that begin to move.

Humorous Phases of Funny Faces

1906: Six years after creating "The Enchanted Drawing," J. Stuart Blackton made "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces," a film in which you see an artist's hand draw faces and figures that begin to move.

Emile Cohl - Mobilier Fidèle - TheAutomaticMovingCompany1909

Mobilier Fidèle" - The Automatic Moving Company (1909)
I don't quite understand why they picked up a completely different title in english ! It should have been "Faithful Furniture". A lot more poetic and funny isn't it ?
what is it all about? In two words : MOVING FURNITURE.

Emile Cohl

mile Cohl was one of the fery first to explore the possibilities of stop-motion animation through a world of fantasy, poetry and humor.
"The Hasher's Delirium - Le Rêve D'un Garçon De Café" illustrate the surealistic visions of a man under the influence of alcohol.(France)

Emile Cohl - Fantasmagorie 1908

Le Nez part 1 (Alexeieff)

Le Nez part 2 (Alexeieff)

Jirí Barta-A Ballad About Green Wood(1983)

Jiri Barta-Hádanky za bonbón (1978)

Brothers Quay interview

Epic of Gilgamesh or This Unnameable Little Broom

by brothers quay

Brothers Quay - Institute Benjamenta

Brothers Quay - Institute Benjamenta

Brothers Quay - Stille Nacht V - Dog Door

Tales From Vienna Woods (Stille Nacht III) by Quay Brothers

bip bip

videoclip dirigido por romain segaud

tim tom

Romain SEGAUD y Christel POUGEOIS


no puedo meter la peli pero aqui teneis el link de Animando, una peli de marcos Magalhães, que combina muchas tecnicas de animacion tradicional en un ciclo de andar.

Director: Magalhães, Marcos
Year: 1987
Length: 12 min 42 s

La traviata, Guionne Leroy

La traviata
Director: Guionne Leroy (1994)

The Chubbchubbs

Director: Eric Armstrong
Producer: Jenny Fulle, Jacqui Barnbrook
Studio: Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc. 2002

Academy Award® Winner, Best Animated Short
BAFTA Nomination, Best Animated Short

do penguins fly? by fabrice Senia

Creature Comforts USA

que bueno currar con amigos.
aqui una animacion de Yago Alvarez

podeis ver mas Creatures comforts pinchando aqui

Wallace and Gromit-Cracking Contraptions

Craking Contraptions fue una serie de cortos creados por Aardman para relanzar la vigencia de sus personajes antes del estreno de la maldicion de las verduras

Deadline - CG Animated Short by Aardman

Creature Comforts USA

Un plano de Barteck, uno de los que mas me gustan

entrevista a nick park

Entrevista a Nick Park con motivo del estreno en cines de "Wallace y Gromit, la maldición de las verduras". En inglés con subtí­tulos en castellano.

mas videos de la película, aqui

Comercial de Wallace y Gromit

Dan The Chameleon

Pib and Pog

Rex The Runt Vol. 1 Ep.2: Adventures On Telly Part 1

episodio de Rex the runt, primera serie.
podeis ver algunos fragmentos de la segunda aqui

Rex The Runt Vol. 1 Ep.1: Holiday In Vince

Otro episodio de Rex the runt, primera serie.
podeis ver algunos fragmentos de la segunda aqui

Purple and Brown

Purple and Brown

Purple and Brown

Purple and Brown

Purple And Brown - Spaghetti

Purple and Brown - Balloon


Father and Daughter


Joan C. Gratz animator, 1992 Oscar winner to the best animated short.


Won the Oscar for Best Animated Short, 1990

The Sandman - Stop Motion Animation by Paul Berry

The Big Story

de David Stoten y
Tim Watts. Winner of the BAFA for animated short and an Oscar nominee a year later. This brilliant pastiche of Hollywod movies, featuring three versions of Kirk Douglas at different ages, caught the attention of Quentin Tarrantino, who insisted it was released in the UK as a short with his own debut feature Pulp Fiction.

The Big Story (hand-drawn)

A nice short animated film nominated for an Oscar in 1995. someone has post the original already. This is a hand-drawn pencil test of it.

Closed Mondays

974 Oscar Winning Animated Short

de Bob Gardiner y Will Vinton

Ryan, de Chris Landreth, 2004

Ryan by Chris Landreth, National Film Board of Canada


en este link, se pueden convertir los videos de youtube a .avi o .mov
fuente:Marina Cuello

Svankmajer "Jabberwocky"

jan svankmajer darkness light darkness

Jan Svankmajer. ETCETERA

Svankmajer's "Sileni"

trailer de la ultima pelicula de svankmajer

The Thief and the Cobbler

Possibly the greatest animated film. A true masterpiece of craftsmanship, as well as humor. An ancient prophecy foretells that if the ... todos » Golden City's balls are stolen, death and destruction will fall upon it. After a thief takes them, doom impends if a meek cobbler cannot save the city.

A special fan edit of The Thief and the Cobbler reconstructed by Garrett Gilchrist of Orange Cow Productions. Combines the fabled uncut work print with other footage from the released versions, as well as other rare materials to create the most complete film - not to mention the most faithful to the original vision.

The film itself was directed by Richard Williams, best known for his Oscar-winning animation direction for Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The voice cast includes Vincent Price, Sir Anthony Quayle, Hilary Pritchard, Joan Sims, and Felix Aylmer. Also featuring cameo vocal performances by Donald Pleasance and Sean Connery

Anuncios de Richard Williams

A collection of many of the most famous of the commercials produced at 13 Soho Square in London. Includes a Diet Coke commercial filmed on ... todos » the set of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as well as commercials for Shell, Cresta, Tic Tacs, Sex Appeal, Fanta, the Pink Panther commercials for TDK and Owens-Corning, and many more!

documental sobre richard williams

Richard Williams and The Thief Who Never Gave Up
A 1982 documentary on the Richard Williams Studio, Williams himself, his projects, and the painstaking process of animation. Featuring much interview footage of Richard Williams. Includes clips from The Thief and the Cobbler, his studio's commercials, A Christmas Carol, his shorts, and even Williams' jazz band. 55min

The Making of Nasrudin (Part Two)

The Making of Nasrudin (Part One)

A Granada documentary from 1972 looking at the development of the Nasrudin film by Richard Williams. This features a look at some of ... todos » Williams' work, as well as some glimpses of the soon-to-be aborted project that would evolve into The Thief and the Cobbler.

I Drew Roger Rabbit

A 1988 documentary on the animation created for Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Centers around Richard Williams and his animated studio.

Anúncio de prosikito

en este anuncio de renault me encargue de animar las cajas que vuelan dentro de el coche al en el plano de cierre.